Week 77 – 23/02/2020

Went to see another customer. Doing some discovery for the next part of our product build. Can’t beat a day with real people understanding how they use and our software and the unmet needs they have.

Following the dead end scenario mentioned in week 75 we had the first ‘proper’ retro since I have been at Qualsys. I was keen for more people to be heard. For unsaid things to be said and for us to move forward and improve. The session went well and the key topics that came out were great. Now to take the improvements identified and make them happen as a team.

Failed running up the full half marathon hill again partly due to high winds but partially due to four pints the night before.

God of War has got me very addicted. Keep sneaking play time at every opportunity.

Kids away for four days which was great. Managed only one night out though but still four days of natural waking is fantastic.

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