Week 80 – 15/03/2020

Ran to work after a weekend in Amsterdam. It was difficult.

Another customer visit. Love them. Totally changed the way we saw a product which we had decided to take in a certain direction. The challenge of designing something flexible to use is ever flexible and shifting.

Mentally checked out of the Half Marathon traiinng as the virus took hold. Surely it will be cancelled when mass gatherings inevtiably get banned. Rumours it will be rearranged to September to coincide with the Sheffield 10k.

My son feel over at school. Quite a bad fall and he hurt his arm and knee. Touch and go on the day whether to take him to hospital and we decided against it. Next day at school he got sent home and we went to the Children’s hospital. 3 hours waiting and one X-Ray later and it turns out he has a greentwig fracture of his wrist. We are bad parents.

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The eldest has his first broken bone.

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Polished off series two of the ominously titled ‘The end of the fucking world’. It is a good watch but at times it feels a little like a dram in the middle of a music video. Such a great soundtrack. It also reminded me I only get ‘new’ music from TV and films now it seems.

Killed all the Valkyries in God of War. Tough. Made me swear a lot and the final one I had to switch to easy mode to complete. Excellent game but after the main story the valkyries, and two other worlds felt a bit grindy and rushed. Would have been better to weave some of them into the story more but this is a minor gripe about one of the best games I have played in a long time.

Finally watched Rise of Skywalker. It was pretty average. Better than the last one. The beginning throws a hell of a lot of story at you with little explanation just a lot of fast cuts. Made it feel like a really forced plot. Macguffins everywhere. Made me feel nothing in the end. The Mandalorian was much better. Star Wars Rebels better again. I will guess the new Clone Wars animated series probably better. It seems the Star Wars future is TV based.

Virus getting real now.

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