Week 81 – 22/03/2020

Weird start to the week. It felt like it would be the last visit to the office for a while and I only really went in as it was the start of sprint. Official announcement from the Prime Minister at 5pm meant our office was pretty much closed from then on.

Enjoyed working from home Tuesday as it gave me much more time to think. Fewer meetings. Plus we have just got through a tricky deadline and now we have a bit of breathing space.

I did a remote standup on Thursday that went ok. We recorded it too on MS teams but it failed to record the screenshare so the recording is just lots of bored faces in their houses. Makes a change from a lot of bored faces in the office 😉

Working from home was going well then my son got ill early hours of Wednesday morning. A high tempearature and a hacking cough that sounded croup like. We feared the worse and as my wife is a nurse and was due to work that day but we had to self isolate for 14 days. Been at hime ever since. Our friends have been very kind and helped us with bits of food. We also had a few paracetomol deliveries. We managed to get out in the garden over the weekend which was our first real taste of fresh air and it felt good.

Started watching Mr Mercedes (and lots of other things) which is bsaed on the Stephen King novels. Not too bad, Brendan Gleeson good as the grizzled retried out of shape cop. Brutal start to the series and some pretty dark bits in between. Which could be a metaphor for other things happening.

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