Week 84 – 12/04/2020

Work goes on. Team hammering though work. Maybe a fully remote team is good…

Set up Dolphin and retro arch for ‘my son’. Frustrating but rewarding to see my son play some classic Nintendo games. Ninetendo really should get more of their back catalogue updated to run on the switch.

Corona in the house. My wife tested poisitive after a few shifts back at work at the Northern General Hospital. She is amazing.

Had my first home haircut. I was not a good customer and was very grumpy when my amazong wife tried some weird fading thing without consulting me. Just told her to do number four all over after that. What an ungrateful shit.

Running again. Slow and heavy. Short lived outside time. Really fucked off with people not self isolating proper like gove. Lots of others not taking it seriously. The 14 days thing being fully ignored.

Started watching Mr Mercedes series 2. Good series. Annoying last episode. I wanted the good fight team on the case. So many holes in it. A series that includes mind control and they did not have the mind power to exploit that.

A bit sick of being stuck indoors. Can’t focus enough to learn some new things. The pandemic strangely has not changed me as I could not focus before it either.

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