Week 86 – 26/04/2020

My eldest son got unwell on the last day of isolation. He is fine now thankfully but it was a kick in the teeth that we could not get out….but it turns out if you are isolated for all that time then the effects are no longer as effective so it turns out just my eldest has to isolate for another 7 days.

Used my freedom to do exciting things like go and buy nice cheese and beer. Not really done much else yet. You yearn for the freedom more than actually being free….or something like that. Also one of us has to stay home with my eldest.

Polished off series 3 of Mr Mercedes. Good telly. Watched Quiz. Also good telly. Now started The Outsider. We have both read the book. Now we are both trying to remember what went on and how the TV show deviates from the books.

I abandoned playing GTA V as it was too much boring driving. Switched to Horizon Zero Dawn instead and it has grabbed me. I can also play it in front of my children which gives me more chance to play it. Win, win.

These weeknotes are getting more boring. I am bored. I am boring. Oh well they will be a record of something I guess.

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