Week 87 – 03/05/2020

Posting this in June. I did write something but never finished. Even more stuccato than normal

Grumpy at work. Lots of requests for change as more people use our new product. An issue with a lack of design. Too much change for me to handle. I want it to be perfect and that is not realistic. I also want to please everyone and know I can’t. Need for more collaboration across the company. Need for skilled delivery people to let me focus more on what the product should be or I just need to get better at the delivery aspect of product management. Accept you have to say no more than yes as well. Grumpiness usually caused by my failings.

Went for my first bike ride in many years. It was tiring but fun. I went up a hill I hate running up. It turns out I can actually run up it faster than I can cycle up it. Not sure if that is a good thing.

Went for a very slow run, legs maybe not working after bike ride.

Bought a new TV. Not working for HD channel on Freesat. After lots of hunting I found an oscure thread on AV forums. Advice to buy some cheap attenuators from eBay and daisy chain them to reduce the signal attenuation becuase the tuner cannot handle a perfect signal, it needs a filtered signal. Now working. Love it more because of that solution. A lot of telly for £400.

Put my massive Tannoy R2 speakers by my TV. They sound great but look monstrous. I doubt they will stay but I wish they could.

Abandoned watching The Outsiders. Both read the book. Slow burn series dragged out yet cut out key story lines. Shame. Started Normal People. Very very good. Watched six episodes in a row. More books getting converted to TV is a good thing. Proper stories told well. Film dying? As cinemas close. Trolls world tour story. But only for films deemed non box office. What if they did really go for it? What could they do with a major release like Black Widow?

Proper addicted to Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4

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