Week 89 31/05/2020

I have missed several weeks/weeknotes. They have gone by in a lockdown blur. For the amount of time I spend staring at a screen you would think typing would be an easy habit to keep but it is not for me. The last note I successfully posted at the time was on the 26th of April. It is now the 2nd of June and I am late again. The constant consumption of headlines and tweets and other digital sugar that while only ever feels like skimming the surface but still drags you down. Must get present and content. Not that kind of content.

Work very busy as we head towards a big test and release period. Team crunching through loads of work to get us close to the next point. Fraught, plate spinning from me as usual. Trying to get three other projects up and running all within the same team. Not sure how it will work really. Still not a delivery/programme manager but feel like I am doing more of that role.

A week of glorious sunshine. Took Thursday and Friday off work for a break before the craziness of the next few weeks. We were also meant to be in Turkey this week. Instead we spent lots of time in our garden. First use of a cheap Aldi BBQ, my first ever charcoal one. Eating outdoors, how luxurious. Started to build some garden sofas/big benches. Put up some shelves either side of a chimney breast and turned a room into more of a gaming room for the kids. Sorted one childs bedroom out a little. Badly smoked some meat on the BBQ. Felt like a proper middle aged man. Very lucky to have this life.

‘Finished’ Horizon Zero Dawn – not quite 100% and have been really addicted, about 95 hours spent so far, but I must move on. Uncharted 4 next I think. Or maybe I should get all those blazing sun trophies first? One of the most addictive games I have ever played. Highly recommended.

The news becomes ever worse. Society failing on many levels. We only ever seem to look at a few countries though. The clapping has stopped now what comes next? Just becoming numb to it all.

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