Week 90 – 06/06/2020

At work it was another deadline almost hit. Ridiculous amount of work got through to get to that position. Excellent team effort. Now another deadline to hit in about 6 weeks time. They never go away do they? Deadlines should be called zombie lines because they always come back to life, are never truly dead and they make me do really annoying and guttural groaning noises.

Burnt my fingers on an old halogen bulb in the extractor fan. Made me feel like I had tried to burn off my fingers prints and made everything I touched feel really weird for most of the week. I got this screenshot from the AWS app that made me feel something

Sanded one of the benches I made. Then it rained all week. We finally sorted out our downstairs toilet after it being a mess since we did the extension 2.5 years ago. The builder who sorted that also fixed our outdoor tap a previous plumber managed to disconnect. Crazy lives we lead but good to make some progress in lockdown.

Finished the build of an emulation PC. The main interface is a product called Playnite which is wonderful. It is a game launcher that hooks into all PC game sites and also lots of emulators. Reminds me of Kodi in that it is a piece of software that a bunch of people have just fixed a problem they have and are doing it for free to keep solving that problem for themselves and others. Excellent.

Still requires lots of work trying to get all the emulators and controllers working. When it works well it is great. Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U emulator works like a dream. Many other games not so much.

Started watching White Lines. It should be brilliant (Ibiza, drugs, sex parties and a good murder mystery) but it is a few beats off and is only average. Bad casting of several people who have seemingly never been to Manchester or even heard any Mancunians speak but they are all meant to be from there, Angela Griffin the only exception to this. Music is not used well enough. Lead character really annoying and does very stupid things for no good reason, although it is kind of passed off as she has been a bit depressed in the past. Still we are ploughing on with it.

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