Week 91 – 21/06/2020

You can’t make it all. Just got to deliver some things. Frustrates the life out of me when you know what the gaps are. Trying to finish one thing and start three new big strands of work. Not coping as well as I would like.

Little fires everywhere. The TV series not my current working life. Although like my current capability at work it was not quite as good as it could have been. Good story boringly told. Too lightweight in places. Shame.

Started Uncharted 4 (my contiuned quest to catch up on games from the last decasde continues). Very good so far. A good structured game instead of open world like Horizon Zero Dawn. Thirteen hours in and guessing about five left.

I have relented and finally allowed my youngest to start playing Fortnite. He loves it and I am enjoying how social he is being with it by using facetime on his iPad while he plays along with friends and they shout at each other at the same time. I have enjoyed trying to get to grips with the digital currency VBucks. I also had to study what the founders pack was and the battle pass and it made me feel old and inept. I also got into buying games from Brazil. Slightly dodgy but a good time working it out. Saved some money. Got my son more digital things for real pounds to keep him entertained on lockdown.

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