Week 93 – 01/01/2023

Just the two and half years since my last week note. A few things have happened since then. Pandemic continued, I got fat and lazier hence the stopping writing. Then I got sick of that and tried to lose some weight and get a bit fitter. Not doing too badly with that although one of my 2023 goals is to lose 3 stone so you know, slow progress.

In April 2022 I got promoted in my old job as Product Owner/Manager at Ideagen and then a few months later in August I got offered a more exiciting job as Head of Product at Total Processing in Manchester. A much better role that allows me to use more of my brain that I had done for some time. Looking forward to getting back to work as I have two new team members starting this month and I am still on the hunt for a third and we have so much to do. I have also been writing week notes in my new role, the CEO strongly encouraged it which was great. Managed to do 10 out of 12 weeks which is not bad going (the two I missed were Fridays I was off work/Xmas party day).

And now we enter 2023 I might try and get week notes going again. Might even try and write some actual proper posts. The death spiral of Twitter seems to have inspired the old web 2.0 hippies into believing the fediverse is real and the personal blog is back. Partly inspired by Phil Gyford’s Ooh Directory and a recurring misconception that I can actually write things. Let’s see.

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